Gardner Denver High Pressure Compressor Asset Management
Compressor Asset Management form Gardner Denver

Ultimate Protection Programmes to make the most of your assets

All of Gardner Denver’s compressors are supported with a warranty. The standard warranty programme is 3 years from date of commissioning or 3 years and 6 months following dispatch from the Gardner Denver factory, whichever is earliest.

It is essential for you to register the compressor on our website or through your Gardner Denver supplier so we have all the correct information in the unlikely event you should experience any issues.

To maintain your warranty it is imperative that you only use only Gardner Denver genuine spare parts: failure to do so will invalidate your warranty and may lead to expensive repairs.

To maintain the warranty on the Gardner Denver compressor all you have to do is:

  • Follow the service recommendations using only genuine Gardner Denver parts and lubricants
  • Use Gardner Denver service trained engineers to carry out all service work
  • Maintain the running parameters of the original compressor package

On top of the standard warranty Gardner Denver offers a range of warranty and extended warranty programmes designed to offer a protection programme for the life of your compressor(s). Depending on the package you choose you can be fully budgeted against any unforeseen or unscheduled breakdown and failures, giving you peace of mind through maximised productivity and lowered costs.

Our agreements are simple and straightforward - no hidden extras and no small print. All the protection programmes are designed to offer long term reliability and improved operational visibility and with free, user-friendly expert advice.

For more information our extended warranty programmes please contact the Gardner Denver aftermarket team to discuss your requirements.


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