Bus Refuelling CNG Station Design

Compressed Natural Gas [CNG] - Vehicle Refuelling

With over 2,000 CNG compression units supplied worldwide, Gardner Denver is a global leader in the design, manufacture and installation of ready-to-run CNG refuelling stations, offering three decades of unrivalled engineering pedigree.

Our global team meets the needs of a diverse range of customers through a series of modular, ready-to-run packages based around the Gazpack range of air and water cooled reciprocating compression units.

The Gazpack series is designed to cover the full range of station types from pilot projects and small forklift fleets, through to high capacity public stations and large bus/truck refuelling depots. Designed for flexibility and ease of installation, the Gazpack series is available in a wide range of packaging options.

In addition to Gardner Denver’s unrivalled knowledge base in compression solutions and reciprocating unit manufacture, the organisation can also support you with its extensive expertise in project management.

Our team of experienced project managers and engineers can advise on all aspects of this process, taking into account the station and fleet type as well as its proposed purpose, full volume, site limitations and budget.

Should you require a fast fill system for public forecourts or a time fill system for vehicles being left over night, our engineers can design a filling system to meet your needs, complete with a full range of ancillaries.

Turnkey Solutions and Station Design

Fast Fill

Fast fill stations primarily utilise gas drawn from a storage element previously filled by the compression unit, rather than direct from the gas supply pipe. The speed of fill is comparable to petrol or diesel and is typically found on public forecourts. This method is always used where the exact volume of gas in each vehicle must be quantified.

Fast Fill CNG Solutions

Time Fill

With time fill systems the vehicle is refuelled directly from the compressor without the need for storage cylinders. Refuelling is therefore slower and more suited for vehicles left overnight at a depot, such as buses.

With time fill systems the quantity of fuel dispensed into each vehicle is not precisely measurable and therefore time fill is unsuitable for public refuelling stations.

Time Fill CNG Solutions


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