Belliss & Morcom Oil Free Compressors for the Drinks Industry
Belliss and Morcom Oil Free Compressors

One of the World’s largest and oldest established manufacturers of oil-free compressors

Founded in 1852, for over 160 years the company has remained in the forefront of engineering innovation, design and development. We have earned the trust of our customers who rely on our exceptional performance and first class aftermarket support. Our machines are durable, reliable and robust, creating a compressor solution you can count on.

From designing, patenting and introducing the world’s first forced-feed lubrication system in 1890, through to the inspired engineering behind the revolutionary ‘V’ and ‘W’ compressor designs of the early 1960’s to the latest safety-critical application in petrochemicals, Belliss & Morcom have remained resolutely committed to delivering technological advancement and pioneering performance.

Since our humble beginnings Belliss & Morcom has supplied compressors for some of the largest PET Bottle Blowing, and hydro plants in the world today as well as many other applications in major global industry sectors, including:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Chemical / Pharmaceuticals / Petro Chemicals
  • Food and Drink
  • Metal and Metallurgy
  • Oil and Gas
  • Plastics
  • Power generation
  • Universities

As a brand of Gardner Denver, the Belliss & Morcom name still reflects the highest standards in engineering quality, adaptability and technical expertise.

Belliss and Morcom compressor’s are manufactured at the High Pressure Centre of Excellence in Redditch (Birmingham), UK and from this facility supports several thousand lubricated and non-lubricated cylinder compressor installations across more than 50 countries world-wide.

Industry Areas of Expertise

Belliss & Morcom has over 35 years experience of supplying oil free compressors for the PET Bottle Blowing market including installations in some of the largest PET plants in the world. Our PET range of compressors are robust, energy-efficient and offer unrivalled durability which makes them the compressor of choice for most of the industry.

Our oil free reciprocating compressors are suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. With the direct drive high efficiency motors or with belt driven arrangement and the latest extended life materials technology, both the VHand WH range offer unrivalled high performance oil free air and gas components up to 90 barg pressures.

Food & Drink Power Generation Power Distribution
Oil free compressors for the food and drink industries High pressure and oil free compressors for power generation High pressure and oil free compressors for power distribution
As oil free air is a standard requirement for this industry sector, Belliss and Morcom oil free compressors service a wide range of applications, having supplied compressors to some of the largest PET bottle blowing plants in the world today. The Belliss and Morcom Hydropower range of compressors is purpose built to meet the requirements of this industry sector. Offering a tailored solution regardless of power generation method. From extinguising arcs on switch gear through to dielsel engine start. The Belliss and Morcom range of compressors are capable of safely supplying a good source of reliable compressed air for a wide range of applications irrespective of substation size.

Performance Summary

Belliss & Morcom is a world leader in the field of oil free reciprocating technology and solutions.

With over 150 years’ experience, we have earned the trust of our customers who rely on our exceptional performance and outstanding aftermarket support. We are committed to delivering you the best technical advice and support for your PET bottle blowing, hydropower or industrial applications.

Air Quality: Oil Free Belliss and Morcom High Pressure Compressors
Cooling: Water
No. of Blocks: 47
Pressure: 2 to 90 barg 29 to 1305 psig
Flow: 403 - 4094 m3/hr 237 to 2,409 CFM

Features and Benefits

Features Benefits
Low Cost of Ownership High efficiency motors, half load capability and other energy efficiency components reduces operating costs
Low Power Consumption Direct drive shaftless motor reduces power absorbed and eliminates any belt drive losses
Small Compressor Footprint Where space is at a premium our compressors offer a neatly arranged compressor system in the smallest available footprint
Long term reliability Robust construction ensures continuous 24/7 operation maintaining production output
Simple Installation Compact skid packages which are dynamically balanced reduce installation costs and do not require special foundations
Low Cost Maintenance Only one major service per annum and with no belts or bearings to replace there are fewer parts to maintain

Performance Envelope

Belliss and Morcom Compressors Performance Envelope

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