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Air and Gases

Since the beginning of industrial processes, Gardner Denver’s high pressure technology through its Belliss & Morcom, GD Compressors and Reavell brands have been the partner of choice for countless organisations worldwide

Gardner Denver will offer you precisely the right air and gas compression system needed for your application, supplied from a wide range of standardised models or custom designed to meet a particular requirement, commissioned as a complete turnkey package or supplied as a minimum configuration, based on your needs.

Control and General Service Air

Whatever your requirements, Gardner Denver can supply a system from our range of reciprocating compression units which can be supplied as air or water cooled, lubricated or oil free packages.

Where the quality of the delivered air is vital Gardner Denver can provide a complete range of filters and dryers to meet all requirements.

In addition, Gardner Denver can supply control panels which allow users not only to control, but also monitor the compressor’s performance via an electronic PLC card. This simple logic controller allows for the alteration of drain cycles and offers complete machine monitoring and protection.

Gas Recovery Systems

Buying gases in bulk for production or research processes can be expensive. Gardner Denver compressors can compress the gas to the required pressure ready for use or can be utilised for gas recovery, reducing wastage and purchasing costs.

Down Stream and Nitrogen Generation Systems

Compressed air treatment is paramount in the ongoing fight against problems caused through contamination entering the air system, delivering uncompromising performance and reliability whilst providing the right balance of air quality with the lowest cost of operation and CO2 emissions.

This product range offers various products and technologies to provide peace of mind whatever the air quality requirement; water separators, filters, dryers and condensate management products can be combined to provide you with a tailored compressed air system built around your needs and those of the ISO air quality guidelines.

The addition of our nitrogen gas generators means that many systems can be adapted to provide a ready source of high purity nitrogen through on site generation saving up to 90% when compared with some traditional supply methods.

High Pressure Compressors - Air and Gases